Documents Needed For Car Insurance Claim Process

Automobile Insurance Claim Procedure - An essential aspect of car insurance coverage is the claim procedure. A claim is a request made by a policyholder to his or her vehicle insurance provider for compensation of a loss incurred by the policyholder. In this post, we've covered the many methods for filing an automobile insurance claim, as well as the various paperwork that must be submitted to file a claim. 

Documents Needed For Car Insurance Claim Process
Documents Needed For Car Insurance Claim Process

Documents Required for Filing a Car Insurance Claim

At the time of filing an automobile insurance claim, you must have the following papers on hand:

  • Details of Car Insurance Policy - It is certainly one of the most fundamental necessities.

  • The insured vehicle's information is self-evident!

  • No, the insurance is not valid unless the insured person's details and information regarding the vehicle insured are provided.

  • Numbers that have been registered.

  • Information about the vehicle for which four-wheeler insurance was acquired. This essentially contains the car's make and model.

  • The accident in its nitty-gritty - It is necessary to specify the date and location of the accident. You might also give a brief account of how the mishap took place, stating the magnitude of the loss.

  • If the garage data, such as location and phone number, are not given, a claim against car coverage cannot be filed.

Accidents are unavoidable. The consequences of the damage are much more difficult to bear. What's to stop you? After all, your automobile is not only an asset but also a high-end purchase. It is not a clear 'No-No' to settle for low-cost vehicle insurance. It is, nevertheless, critical to keeping an eye on the coverage provided. It is not difficult to submit a claim for auto insurance. It is critical, however, to have the precise collection of documentation on hand. Are you unsure which papers you should keep on hand? Let's have a look.

Documents are Needed to File Car Accident insurance Claim?

  • A copy of the cover letter or a copy of the car insurance policy paper

  • The person behind the wheel's driver's license.

  • The insured vehicle's RC or registration certificate.

  • A properly filled-out claim notification form.

  • The insured person's Aadhar card and PAN card credentials serve as proof of identification.

  • If requested, a repair estimate will be issued.

When filing a claim against the chosen automobile insurance type, all of the necessary papers must be submitted. If the insured individual decides to have the car fixed at a non-cashless garage or service center, the claim reimbursement procedure will require extra documentation. 

How Can You Avoid Getting Your Claim Rejected?

The following tips can assist you to avoid having your claim denied:

1. A Valid Driver's License is Required

When driving your automobile, make sure your driver's license is not expired or invalid. If this occurs during a collision, your automobile insurance company may refuse to pay for the losses caused by the collision.

2. Geographical Restrictions

Car insurance is only valid within Indian territory, therefore if you intend to drive outside of it, bear in mind that your car insurance provider will not cover any mishaps that occur outside of the nation.

3. Insurance Policy Transfer

Make sure the registration certificate and insurance policy are changed to your name if you buy a used automobile. The insurance company will deny any claims if this is not done at the time of the accident. Make sure to make this transfer within 14 days of the transaction.

4. Renewal

You must renew your automobile insurance on time to avoid having your claim denied. Keep in mind that a policy that has lapsed or expired will not be eligible for any claims.

5. FIR

In the event of an accident or a stolen car, it is critical to register an FIR as quickly as possible since it is a necessary document in the claim procedure. Failure to do so, or delaying it, might cause problems with your claim.

6. Modifications are not Disclosed

You must notify your insurance provider if you make any modifications to your automobile, whether they be for performance, aesthetics, or security. This is because while determining the insurance rate, an insurance provider considers the automobile parts. As a result, claim rejections may occur if revisions are not notified.

Take Away

You may have chosen the greatest auto insurance, but requesting claims against these policies may be difficult if none of these documents are available. Please do not hesitate to contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible to report the occurrence or mishap. You might also enlist their help to figure out how to move forward with your claim. In a word, filing a claim against automobile insurance is a piece of cake if you have all of the necessary documentation.

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